Smart Solutions in the Transportation Industry

At Roadi we aim to help you find parking nearby. We do this by saving your best parking spaces, allowing you to see when another user is leaving and provide access to a database of the best streets to find parking from monitoring over 25,000 parking arrivals and departures, all of which makes your day better one space at a time. Roadi introduces a new way of finding an open parking space right at the moment you need it. We combine scientific research, passive crowdsourcing, and machine learning to provide predictive analysis of an available space with as high as 99% accuracy.

Off-street parking is only a portion of the larger problem. Roadi currently offers a solution to on-street parking in real-time in addition to our off-street solutions. If we focused solely on garage solutions, we would be limited in what we can provide our users. Providing only garage parking solutions has two major drawbacks: there will always be a fee you must pay and there is no guarantee the garage is the closest parking option to your destination.

After listening to the parking community, we found that the most value could be achieved by solving the on-street parking problem and supplementing that with off-street solutions.  We partner with local Baltimore businesses to provide an on-street parking solution that adds value to their customers. We provide a personalized parking experience for each user, that allows them to track their parking history and compare that with the parking patterns of the community as a whole. We provide a comprehensive solution to parking that gives our users the best options available to solve their problem.


Parking is a community problem, for which we feel the best answer is a community solution. Roadi provides parking when it matters.