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Finding a place to park is often an impossible mission. On the average, it takes 16 minutes to find a place to park which translates to an average motorist spending ONE YEAR of his or her life finding parking places!

Desperately looking for a place to park in the morning and not seeing any may lead one to be fined by the law enforcement agencies because the desperation may cause one to commit a traffic offense. Also, we consume four times more fuel when we drive around town aimlessly, and this generates pollution whose cost is estimated to be over $100million per year.

It is unfortunate these mishaps are very frequent among motorists! And it will not be easy, especially in the bigger cities, where the situation is worse.


Today, and around the world, there are challenging economic environments where collaboration can make a critical impact. The meteoric rise of sites like Airbnb, services like Uber, Lyft, Zipcar and many others, show the willingness of people to cooperate with others in their community for a shared benefit. From finding a place to stay, and now a place to park, people are willing to collaborate for their mutual gain.

Solving parking together

Do more than park with Roadi

Users involved in collaboration can save on the costs of owning a car, and on their parking spaces. The price of parking spaces operated by the major companies are very high. *insert shoup research*

Technological advances has clearly made many aspects of life easier, but there are still many places that technology has not had the same impact. Parking services have not caught up with the overall technology revolution. The evolution of smartphones provides an opportunity to insert a technological revolution in the parking services industry and make an impact on the economy.

Most of the residential buildings being built nowadays have their own parking garages. Multiple apartment buildings have a parking space allocated for all residents of each apartment. However, Many people will not use their assigned car park such that and it will remain vacant for an indefinite period. Even if the place is used by the person, it is likely to stay empty all the time, except during the person comes back from work. Whether the area is unused or partially used, the result is still the same.

Some people desperately need those dozens of empty parking spaces around them, but they may not know how to approach the owner. So why not put these empty car parks allocated to you at the disposal of people who would use them regularly while you make extra money? This concept is referred to as a shared parking.

Shared parking, the win/win solution, benefiting owners, users, and the World

Shared parking is for an owner to provide his or her parking space when they are not using it and in the process collects a token amount from people that used the parking space. This means motorists looking for parking spaces in easily inaccessible places near them can quickly get it. Both parties are therefore winners, the first by making money when they sell parking spaces, the seconds by saving valuable time (and often money, at the same time).

According to statistics, cars are a significant part of the pollution of the earth's atmosphere. The carbon monoxide emitted from the exhaust pipe is responsible for about 25% of greenhouse gases. Urban congestion also contributes 75% to photochemical pollution as well as a 40% acidic deposition. With shared parking, most of this pollution will be reduced to the barest minimum because the car will be parked in a place.

Today, many platforms have offered solutions to this difficulty and allow many city dwellers to park easily. However, they might not be as efficient and as cheap as Roadi. With Roadi, motorists gain significant time and money thanks to this collaboration phenomenon. But these benefits are not one way.

It is not only the people who are looking for a parking space that is winning, but the owners of parking spaces that are available on the Roadi platform will also quickly realize the importance of their decision as they will earn massive money as they sell parking spaces to motorists. For some of them, the monetary gain can be very extensive (depending on the location of the parking space).

Roadi the number one shared parking platform

Roadi can offer a complete parking package, which should be able to satisfy the tired motorist that has been going around in circles to get a parking space. Also, the rates charged are pocket-friendly.

DO YOU NEED A PLACE TO PARK after an evening out at the restaurant, or after an afternoon at the park with the kids, or after a romantic weekend getaway? Whatever the situation, Roadi has a wide range of packages that cover all your parking needs.  To enjoy these great parking offers, all you need to do is show your destination, the date and the time of your movement and we show you the car parks nearby at the best prices. Now you can compare rates and book directly online. Roadi app has a straightforward and clear interface for easy booking with few clicks.

Roadi does not just stop there; we allow you to access the entire range of public parking partners. Public and private garages can then optimize their filling rates and making them profitable. In collaboration with most car park operators, Roadi also offers discounts and great deals.