ProjectSPACE Creating a Better Future

Visit the Parking Authority of Baltimore to learn me

We are excited to share some big developments in the Baltimore parking world. ProjectSPACE is an ongoing collaboration between the Parking Authority of Baltimore and the Mayor's Commission on Disabilities. This project has been ongoing since 2014 and is currently in its 3rd phase. The project aims to accomplish 4 main objectives:

  1. RESERVES on-street parking spaces for people with disabilities in metered areas.
  2. INSTALLS accessible single-space parking meters at the reserved spaces.
  3. RETROFITS existing multi-space EZ Park meters to meet most current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards
  4. REQUIRES payment from everyone parking at ADA accessible meters

Parking is a problem for all of us in Baltimore, simply as a function of limited space in the city. For those in our community with disabilities, parking can be extra challenging. According to the Baltimore Parking website, "ProjectSPACE was created to help ease Baltimore’s parking problem by increasing the availability of parking for those with a disability and decreasing disability placard thefts."

For most people it is ideal to find an open space close to your destination, but not necessary. For those who have disabilities, parking as close to the destination as possible is crucial. ProjectSPACE is a perfect example of government collaboration to provide greater life mobility for those who need it most. At Roadi we are happy to see the city of Baltimore aligned with our own goal of providing Parking When It Matters.

For more information on this ongoing project take a look here: