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Tesla Parking Lot Chaos

Roadi was founded on the notion that parking is a pervasive problem that affects almost everyone who drives and all who drive in metropolitan areas.

A recent article about Tesla, the innovative electric car company, proves that even those in the business of making transportation vehicles are affected by the problem. Call it the detective's curse, but sometimes those close to the problem fail to find a solution. At Roadi we exist to solve this problem, and have utilized technology to create a solution that is accurate and intuitive. The article can be found here:


Through our research done at the University of Baltimore by the founders of Roadi, we discovered that drivers spend as much as 40 minutes to find parking and more than 10 minutes on average. This otherwise menial task is taking up too much of our valuable time.

In the case of Tesla, we are talking about a parking problem at a scale of around 6,000 drivers. Now just imagine this problem scaled up to a city population or a country. When we start to talk about hundreds of thousands of people, we are talking about a migraine problem rather than a headache problem.

At Roadi, we solve migraine problems, by providing drivers a new option to finding an available parking space that is right for them at the time they need it most. Roadi highlights the streets that are likely to have a vacant parking space, you will be seeing the most up to date recommendations, every minute, up to the minute. No reservation or payment needed to search for where an available parking space is. 

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This is done through continuously recording thousands of parking activities in real time to track occupancy trends and direct driver to the best place to find a vacant parking space nearby. You can also choose the parking garage option to find nearby garages.

The next time you are searching for parking nearby or the nearest parking garage in NYC, Baltimore, or Miami you can use Roadi to see if there are any recommendations for free parking nearby. The more users in your area the more information you can see about where the best places are to find parking. To find parking is a challenging whether it is a company parking lot, street parking near the train or at your favorite annual event. By monitoring local parking activity, Roadi is able to provide reliable information about where you can find free parking nearby. An analysis of parking around the Yankee stadium and Atlantic yards shows that civil engineering has designed for there to be sufficient parking throughout the year. However, from a drivers perspective, there is an expectation for more parking availability or more parking closer to the desired destination. Part of the disconnect in expectation is a lack of information about parking trends for the driver. Driver's are only able to see to the end of the block, therefore a driver is not aware of vacant or soon to be vacant parking nearby. 

The application tracks your recent parking locations so you can go straight to that great parking spot you found before! Also, you can always track where you've parked your car before

With the Roadi parking app a driver can see notifications of drivers leaving a parking space, sometimes even before they have pulled out. Roadi is a social transportation platform that provides the best local parking data, and real-time activity. Roadi also shows you the nearest parking garage near your location. The personal experience gets to know you with continued use. As more people in your area use Roadi you will have access to an ever-increasing resource to see real-time parking vacancies. 


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If there are no real time departures at the moment, its ok because the streets highlighted with blue lines suggest where you are likely to find an available parking space so you won't need to continuously circle the city blocks.

Whats to come?

Find all the free parking nearby. Roadi will begin showing where the free non paid space will be. Use Roadi as often as you need to find parking, keep checking back and sharing so that we can make parking easier for ourselves.