Helping you Park When it Matters.

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Millions of people are intimately familiar with the shared problem of trying to find parking nearby throughout the day. We have all been there. You leave early for work or school, giving yourself extra time to find parking, only to find that it wasn’t enough.

You continuously circle the block, trying not to pull out your hair, as you again find no available space.

Or worse: you manage to find a parking space but it is a metered spot and now you must return to your car every two hours to pay outlandish fees.

Or even worse still: you forget how much time is left on your meter and now the city has slapped you with a $30 ticket!

One local business has made light of this communal problem, cleverly labeling their tip jar “Today’s Parking Ticket Fund”. Just as the sign says, “we’ve all been there… too many times.” Here at Roadi we say, no more!

Roadi was founded on that very principle that parking is a shared problem for all of us in the metropolitan area. We thought an app ought to exist that would show you where there is available street parking in the city. So we created it. Lets get rid of the parking ticket funds

Roadi. Helping you parking when it matters.